How a parent can create player accounts for their children

If you already have a 360Player account, you can create new accounts for your children from your own settings. This works even if you are a parent who accidentally signed up for a player account.

Login to your 360Player account.
Navigate to your settings, on mobile they can be found by pressing the menu button at the bottom, then pressing your profile avatar. On a desktop, you can see them by clicking on your profile avatar on the top right.


Once inside your settings, navigate to the My Children tab.

To create a new child account, press the Create account option.

Here, you'll enter your child's details.

Note that your child requires an email address of their own, if they don't have one, you can easily create a Gmail address in a few minutes.

Set a profile picture for your child (optional).
Enter the group code of the team that your child should join. You have probably gotten this code from your child's coach.
You are done! You will now be logged in to the parent account. If your child wishes to log in, you have to log out or let them use another device.

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